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Bin Hire & Weight Limits2021-10-15T13:10:14+13:00

2.0 metre General rubbish: 300Kg limit.
3.0 metre General rubbish: 450Kg limit.
4.5 metre General rubbish: 675Kg limit.
6.0 metre General rubbish: 900Kg limit.
7.5 metre General rubbish: 1125Kg limit.
9.0 metre General rubbish: 1350Kg limit.

2.0 metre Hard fill, concrete or soil etc: No limit.
3.0 metre Hard fill, concrete or soil etc: No limit.

All overweight bins are charged at:

  • 15 cents per kg
  • $15 per 100Kg
  • $150 per tonne. Plus GST.
What type of bin do I need?2017-06-08T02:59:39+12:00

There are three bin types: Check here to see which one you need:

General Rubbish: 2 cubic metre, 3 cubic metre, 4.5 cubic metre, 6 cubic metre, 7.5 cubic metre & 9 cubic metre.

Household rubbish, garden waste, building waste, wood, plastic, cardboard, office waste, furniture, home appliances etc.

Soil and Clay: 2 cubic metres and 3 cubic metre soil and clay only.

Concrete: 2 cubic metre and 3 cubic metre.

Bricks, rocks, concrete, scoria, stones, concrete roof tiles etc. If filling with asphalt or sand please only fill the bin 2 thirds full. Due to excess weight.

What is a cubic metre?2017-06-08T02:59:57+12:00

A cubic metre is a standard unit of measurement.

One cubic metre is the amount that would be held in a cube that is one metre wide by one metre high by one metre deep.

Can I mix concrete, bricks or soil with my rubbish?2017-06-08T03:00:16+12:00

No! We have separate bins. One for concrete, one for soil and clay and our general rubbish bins are for everything else, including garden waste.

How long can I have my bin for?2017-06-08T03:00:34+12:00

Bin hire is from 1-7 days but can be left longer by prior arrangement- additional charges apply.

How and when do I pay?2017-06-08T03:01:15+12:00

All bins must be paid for on or before delivery.

Credit card, direct debit or just booking your bin can be done on this website. Simply click Book Now.

Cash or cheque payment on delivery. Or you book and pay by phone: 04 560 3720.

Internet banking: Funds need to show in our account on or before day of delivery.

Please note: Unless by prior arrangement: No payment No Bin.

What if nobody is home when I want the bin delivered?2017-06-08T03:02:16+12:00

You will have to leave detailed instructions on where to place the bin and payment will need to be arranged on or before delivery.

How high can I fill the bin or skip?2017-06-08T03:02:33+12:00

Level to the top. Think safety. If the bin is overloaded it will have to be levelled before we can transport it to comply with LTSA and OSH rules and regulations.

Do we have weight limits on our bins?2017-06-08T03:03:11+12:00

Yes we do on general rubbish bins but not on concrete or soil or hard fill bins.

For more information: click here.

Is there a minimum driveway width?2017-06-08T03:03:24+12:00

Yes a minimum driveway width of 3 metres is required. Call us if you need to clarify this.

Can I move the bin?2017-06-08T03:03:35+12:00

No! Once placed the bin must not be moved. If moved when empty you will not be able to move the bin back and the driver may not be able to pick up the bin again. Any damage done to bin or property by a bin being moved will be the responsibility of the hirer.

Can I have the bin left on the road?2017-06-08T03:03:58+12:00

Unfortunately we are unable to do this as it is a road hazard. The only exemption is if you have obtained a permit from your local council beforehand.

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